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Does homosexuality prevent you from going to Heaven?

The topic of homosexuality is one played out all over the world and many times it seems, in regards to “level” of sin, nearly equalled to murder and rape. Duck Dynasty star Phil… Continue reading

You Version’s Bible App For Kids Long Awaited Release Is This Thursday! (11/28/2013)

Originally posted on Lost & Found:
I didn’t know Jesus had a dog? I got wind of something we all can be thankful for this Thanksgiving!!!! You Version in association with the organization…

Christianity + Submissive Wives = Domestic Violence?

The idea of a wife showing submission to her husband is a hot topic. In the past it may not have been much of a hot topic, but today it has taken a… Continue reading

Good Morning World!

Hi everyone! I wanted to say welcome, but it would probably sound a little repetitive to say welcome to skepticswelcome.org… Ever have a question about the Bible you couldn’t get a good answer… Continue reading