Skeptics Welcome

Logical Answers for biblical questions


Known far and wide by no one Skeptics Welcome was created in an attempt to share what I have learned about the Bible. Skeptics Welcome offers its audience answers to topics they might not have known much about before in regards to ancient history and the origins of man.

When I first began to commit my life to Christ – I asked God to explain how school and the Bible were so different. Noah, Evolution, the fossil record, archaeology, how dinosaurs lived millions of years before man, yet God made everything in 6 days? How in the WORLD did Adam see stars at night if the closest star is so frrreakin far away??? How do we explain that one with science???

The last thing I wanted was to believe in a God that wasn’t real. If everything in the Bible was true, then there shouldn’t be an issue with science. At least not as far as where science and religion overlapped.

Is there historical evidence of Exodus, or are the secular historians right in thinking there is no proof Moses ever led the slaves out of Egypt? The truth is actually kinda funny and sad when one starts thinking how obvious the truth is, but also how willfully ignorant one must be after having seen the evidence. Working gears on bugs, super computers in cells, and little dudes carrying stuff around in your cells? Crazy stuff that shows there’s no need for an evolutionary view of the world.

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