Jesus and Peter by Morgan

Jesus Gives the Believer Several Reasons To “Be of Good Cheer.”

In Matt.. 9:23 Jesus Told The Paralyzed Man To:
“Be of Good Cheer Thy Sins Be Forgiven Thee.”
Because This Attitude Was Necessary For Him To Receive His Healing.

In Matt. 14:27 we see Jesus’ 12 Disciples In A Ship Caught In A Storm
Where the Winds Were Contrary and Threatening their lives. To add to the situation
they looked up To see what appears to be “A Random Spirit Walking on the Water
Towards Them.” They were filled with fear & Consternation.

Jesus (The Master of Crisis Management) Calls out to them and said:
Which Encouraged Peter To Walk On Water.

Many of you are facing various types of Storms in your lives right now.
Some of you are facing Marital, Family or Financial Storms.

Others of you are facing Physical, Mental and Emotional Storms. Etc.
Some of you are Terrified: Believing, That you are not going to Survive These Storm.

But, Be Encouraged:
Because, In John. 16:33 Jesus Said:

These Things Have I Spoken unto You. That In Me You Might Have Peace.
In the world You Shall Have Tribulations. But:
“BE OF GOOD CHEER” I Have Overcome The World.

Restoration Church,
Sr. Past. Carl Bluford