Square Pegs, Round Holes, The Exodus, and Egyptian Chronology

I have been meaning to write something of my own on the topic of secular history of Egypt and Genesis diverge. That, however, has yet to happen. In the meantime may I present my friend… The Interminable Frozen Pond.

The Interminable Frozen Pond

hyksos02According to the commonly accepted timeline for Egyptian chronology, much of the Old Testament was off by several hundred years and seems quite historically impossible. Ditto for the historical records of the Hittites. And the Assyrians. And pretty much everyone else in the region whose records are tied to proper dating of the Egyptian dynasties.

I’m no Egyptianolologist or anything, and granted, most of my Ph.D’s are honorary and in fields somewhat distant, but heck, why not just change the damn dynasties around and make it all fit? It’s not like it’s all written in stone or linked to the stars, right? I’m thinking there’s just a little guess-work involved here.

Of course, what I’m about to do here doesn’t count for anything more than another hypothetical, and I’m not going to pretend to be the least bit objective about it. However, if the archaeologists would just do their jobs a little better, I’m thinking they could probably…

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