3. Desember: Marys Boy Child – Boney M « discopresten

One of the coolest people I have ever met, DISCOPRESTEN (Disco Priest in english), recently posted an article on the Jamaican/Brithish German published disco group Boney M.  “Mary’s Boy Child” is a 1956 Christmas song written by Jester Hairston and widely performed as a Christmas carol according to the author(s) on this topic on the ever so trusting and noteworthy Wikipedia.

Why is this on Skeptics Welcome? Because it is a Christmas song and the guy dancing in the back entertained me. It is important to broaden ones horizons on different things. Disco is for a generation before my own, but is an excuse hard to chew. Mozart wrote his music for a generation long long gone, but it is still listened to today.

You can read more about this group on DISCOPRESTEN‘s own blog: 3. Desember: Marys Boy Child – Boney M « discopresten. Be warned however, as it is entirely written in Norwegian. Google translate may help to some extent, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. You would be in danger of passing out.