You Version’s Bible App For Kids Long Awaited Release Is This Thursday! (11/28/2013)

Lost & Found

I got wind of something we all can be thankful for this Thanksgiving!!!! You Version in association with the organization One Hope have joined forces to create The Bible App for Kids. If you aren’t familiar with You Version they are the company behind the popular and most downloaded Bible app for both Apple and Android Smartphone & tablet markets. The original Bible app is used by pastors, preachers, teachers, & clergy worldwide, as well as, us non-clergy church goin folk.

Now I gets to Bible Thump DIGITALLY! YEAH YA RIGHT!!!

(threw lil’ NOLA slang in there for ya…your welcome)

 I was once opposed to the paper to digital movement…you know planners replaced by Smartphone “reminders”, books being replaced by e-readers, and Bibles being replaced by *gasps* BIBLE APPS?!?! That’s not tangible!! *turns up nose* I was the gal that proudly carried my 30lb (exaggerating) Norton Study Bible to…

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