11 Great Scriptures On Anger

Another awesome article from The Liaison. This time on anger…

Lost & Found

As much as we wish it wasn’t so…more times than we may like we may like we get angry. from the redunkulous line at Starbucks when you’re already late for work, to the guy that cut you off in traffic…and not to mention the girl who got your order wrong three times in the drive-thru and finally gets it right, or so you think, until you get home and open the bag in front of your anticipating five year old and realize his favorite Friday after school hot crispy nugget shaped chicken snack isn’t in the bag and suddenly you fe…..

….OK i totally had a flashback there….sorry guys…

Now where was I? oh yes!

Anger is most definitely a fact of life, but as disciples of Christ we are called to Be Angry & Sin Not….


Now don’t feel overwhelmed thinking you must try to keep tract of how many times  you get angry…

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