The Liaison – This Blog Site Is The Bees Knees


There’s a new blog in the field that deserves attention. The Liaison, written by the elegant Jesus loving / Bible thumping Princess Blu, is a site where you will find tons of not only extremely interesting articles, but they are also notoriously useful. When was the last something your read was actually useful??? Exactly! You’re not going to regret visiting The Liaison – It really is the Bees Knees.

The Liaison encompasses a plethora of USEFUL life tips, info, and advice. Things that matter in my life, as well as, in the lives of my past and new readers. So if you’re looking for gimmicks celebrity gossip and flawless grammar…. This probably isn’t the blog for you…lol BUT if you’ve reached your quarter life crisis, realized that life is more than the monotony of merely existing, or you embarked on the rewarding journey of finding yourself or of self betterment….I’m your girl! (Princess-Blu)

Once you are there make sure to check out the article she wrote about Skeptics Welcome, Creationism vs Evolution: New Blog “Skeptics Welcome” Tackles Debate Head On. The entire article is quite flattering actually. Oh and so we are all on the same page – These two blogs, Skeptics Welcome and The Liaison, stem from christian authors from Restoration Church of New Orleans. The link will take you to our facebook page. We believe the Bible is 100% accurate and true in everything it says. We believe it backs itself up and supports itself against misunderstandings regarding scripture. If something is wrong it is us not understanding it correctly. The Bible needs to be completely true, because if not it would be left to our own interpretation. There needs to be a standard and a source to find that standard.

Now concerning this new blog, Princess (that’s her actual name – threw me off in the beginning is why I say that) does not necessarily pick on christian things only in her blog, but rather everything useful and awesome in Gods carefully crafted world. This leaves to a wide variety of topics up for discussion. It is highly suggested you visit and take a look for yourself.

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I’m fairly certain you will be impressed. Either way you will certainly see a few choice articles being promoted, on this blog, in the near future. You never know. You might just like it.