Ancient Post-Flood History

Ancient Post-Flood HistoryThere’s a book I’ve been reading called Ancient Post-Flood History. The author goes through a series of ancient documents covering what really happened in the past using a Biblical timeline. Did you know that some of the ancient myth gods (Zeus, Hercules, Odin, etc.) were actually real people? People who lived and died, but later became deified as gods – memory of them being human lost during the passage of time. Now, it should be said, I personally don’t believe everything it this book is accurate, BUT… much of it seems to be plausible.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to go a little deeper into this book; we can do a little bit each day. So, if this is you’re interested in, then make sure to come back.

If you have read this book before and would like to comment. Please do. I’d love to hear your opinion.